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If you’re looking to expand into emerging Middle Eastern markets, we can consult with you as experts in the field of medical devices distribution. Here we answer some of your most asked questions.

Our experts have highly-placed contacts and have built strong relationships with partnership distributors based on trust and our impeccable track record. We can also provide legal, cultural and industry advice on the Gulf and Levant regions as needed.

Our experts can carry out industry-specific market assessments and distributor assessments on your behalf, providing detailed insights to give you a full picture of what to expect before setting out a commercial growth strategy. We also hold the Middle East Medical Device market analysis and segment forecasts up until 2025.

With offices in the United Arab Emirates, we are perfectly placed to offer support every step of the way as you research the Middle East medical devices market and consider how best to approach expansion. We work as your partners and our knowledgeable experts are always on hand to answer queries and provide guidance.

At Mid East Medical, we work closely with legal experts on hand who will ensure you are aware of all the regulatory and legal obligations necessary. We work with you, smoothing the path for your expansion and taking care of all those vital details that are so important in a new market. We also work across multiple countries, avoiding the need to work with several different agencies at once.