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Air Steriliser by DolphinCare

Air Steriliser by DolphinCare

Air Steriliser by DolphinCare

Safer Enviroment
The four phase process secures that the RNA/DNA from virus and bacteria are reduced, that allergens and spores are eliminated and that bad ordor is limited.

Documented Efficacy
The UVC AIR STERILIZER has been tested in a clinical enviroment, meeting rooms, and elemenatry school. All tests were performed by Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet and showed significant reduction of CFU.

Danish Design

is developed and designed in Denmark. The design of the unit fits naturally into all interior spaces and the noise filter reduces the sound of process, despite the UVC AIR STERILIZER'S large capacity.

THE UVC AIR STERILIZER is produced in three sizes:
1. Small: For rooms upt to 80 m2. Capacity of 400 m3 pr hour.
2. Large: For rooms above 80 m2. Capacitiy of 800 m3 pr hour.
3. Industrial mode (wall hanging): 1.030 m3 pr hour.

The Air Sterilizer comes with a 3-Year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Brand:DolphinCare - Made in Denmark