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MoveoMed - Made in Germany

Healthcare-associated infections are often linked to enviromental reservoirs like colonized sink traps.
Hospital sink traps can harbour potentially dagerous bacteria and baterial biofilm.
Water flowing into the sink produces droplets and aerosols which can contaminate the surrounding clinical area and come in contact with staff and patients.

The Solution

1.Thermal disinfection (Kills germs in the seal water)
2. Electromechanical cleaning (Prevents biofilm development)
3. Successful decontamination (Reduction of bacteria in the seal water by 99.99999% - log 7 stage)
4. Microbial barrier (Between waste waters system and clean area)
5. Proven technology (Effectiveness proven in several clinical trials)
6. Green solution (Continuous disinfection without using chemicals)
7. Protects your patients
8. Reduces your costs
9. Improves your image